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Every Model Magazine is the first modeling industry publication designed specifically to reach the professionals within this diverse business.

Informative features, advice, guidance and inspirational interviews are just some of the regular editorial topics covered. The aim and philosophy of Every Model Magazine is to bring together professionals and those wishing to be part of the industry. Our magazine acts as an independent tool to converge with other businesses at a professional and high level. Our editorial content is designed to provide maximum benefit to all our readers and a medium for businesses to gain knowledge to enhance their own organisations.

Anyone wishing to learn about a models view and perspective will find it in Every Model Magazine. Models, actors, presenters, dancers, can learn about the goods and services offered by the industry. What makes a good agency? What do agencies look for in their models? What makes a supermodel? All these questions are answered. And what are the negatives within the industry from a models perspective? How can the industry accommodate them better? What can be learnt and subsequently developed in order to stand out from the rest?

By promoting your products and services within Every Model Magazine you are directly reaching a market who demands the very best. A significant benefit being extensive awareness to models and potential models and to other professionals within the industry. Business to business awareness is essential in a competitive market. The direct target audience and spending power of our readership will guarantee results from advertising within EM.


Our readers range from the existing model to the model wannabe along with modelling agencies and professionals, the entertainment industry and a subscriber base.

Our readers are passionate about this industry. It is their business to know the business. The industry as a whole can gain knowledge and subsequent power through the content and readership of Every Model Magazine.

Fashion is big with our readers. As is beauty, health and well-being. The spending power of our combined readership of service providers and models is such that they are happy to invest in the products and services they need to enhance their status.

This exclusive publication provides its readers, contributors and advertisers with the benefits of increased profitability, awareness and status.

The pie chart below depicts our readership ages based on the Every Model Magazine survey + corporate research.

Pie Chart

Distribution + Circulation

Every Model Magazine is available to view online in flip-book format. There are in excess of 100,000 views of the online version of Every Model magazine each issue. Printed magazines are distributed through our subscriber base, at relative events and seminars and by industry professionals including the following agencies and organisations:

Equity UK London, Hughes Models 12+, London; Fashion TV worldwide; Hughes Models London; Zone Models London; BizzyKids Agency Bexleyheath Kent; Storm Models London; Mimo Model Mangagement; M&P Models; Talent Expo; Bonnie & Betty; Girl Management; Premier Model Management; Nev’s London.

The look

Advertising Rates

Please email info@emmagazine.co.uk for our magazine and online advertising rates.


EM Advertising Technical Specifications

1. If you would like to take advantage of our advert design service:

The deadline for your order is ten days prior to going to print. If your order is received after this
date you will be subject to an extra £50 design fee unless an agreement is reached with the
Sales Manager beforehand.

If you are not happy with the design, we will only make alterations a maximum of twice (unless there are typing errors) before going to print.

If you have checked the design before going to print, EM Magazine will not accept liability for any errors in this artwork.

All artwork we design belongs to EM Magazine and cannot be used in part or whole in any advert outside of EM Magazine without the consent of the Sales Manager or Editor.

2. If you are supplying artwork yourself:

EM Magazine will not accept liability for any errors in this artwork. Artwork must be in the
correct format: PDF, TIF, EPS or JPEG preferably no smaller than 300dpi. Also accceptable are
Word and InDesign files, however we will accept no responsibility for errors in transition.

3. Full payment is due with your order, a receipt for which will be given within ten working days of being received.

4. Payment will not be refunded after an order has been confirmed.
Please send all copy to:

EM Magazine, Model Media Ltd, 1st Floor Tailby House, Bath Road, Kettering, NN16 8NL. Or  E-mail: info@emmagazine.co.uk