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EM Code of Conduct & Ethics Standards

Our organisation believes that the reputability, conscience and level of professionalism within the modelling and entertainment industry is of paramount importance. As an independent organisation we operate a process to every applicant wishing to be accredited to us. The process consists of applicants completing a number of non-bias questions designed by subject matter experts within the industry. Upon successful completion and satisfactory answers to the questions and by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the code of conduct applicants are invited to be listed within the Every Model Industry Directory. All agents listed within the directory are required to comply with the following code of conduct, and subsequently are subject to an independent complaints procedure. Once approval has been granted by ‘Every Model’ the agent is permitted to display the EM logo in their corporate literature with the wording ‘Accredited and Approved Agent’.

This Code of Conduct is intended to give guidance alone, on the standard of service that a client should expect from those Service Providers who agree to abide by the Code. The responsibility for the prevention and control of reputability and credibility lies with the Service Provider. The guidelines outlined in this document have been designed to help clients select a competent service provider by highlighting critical areas and detailing the commitment that clients should expect from prospective service providers. Management of the Every Model Code of Conduct is monitored by an independent steering committee.

The Every Model Code of Conduct & Ethics is committed to ensuring that its business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards and deems that those complying with its content agree to:

Commitment to fair business practices Commitment to honest business practices Respecting the confidentiality of information entrusted to the company Obeying the rule of law

1. The agency / industry professional, organisation, service provider, (hereafter known as ‘agent’ or ‘agency’) will act in the best interest of their client(s).

2. Agents are obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, and to notify clients of the purpose for which Personal Data is processed.

3. Total confidentiality will be maintained in respect of personal contact details of clients, subject only to the following exceptions:

a) Disclosures with the express permission of the client(s). b) Disclosures which lead the organisation to believe that serious harm may befall a third party. c) Disclosures that would leave the agent or client liable to civil or criminal court procedure if not disclosed.

4. Child Models: Every child model registered by an agent will be licensed by their local borough council. This is a requirement under law Children and Young Persons Act 1963, The Children’s (Performances) Regulations 1968 and Television Act 1964. Any child models pictures displayed on an internet website are required to be either resized or password controlled.

5. Agents will be subject to the Every Model complaints procedure; DisclaimerEvery Model Magazine is at liberty to print details within the main body of the magazine and website, of Agents not accredited by them or those not complying with their code of conduct. This being in order to provide the industry with a non-bias and wide variety of information and relevant topics. However, only agents complying with the code of conduct shall be accredited by Every Model Magazine and listed within the Industry Directory. Every Model Magazine reserves the right to publish the removal of any agency once accredited by them should it be considered by the steering committee that they have breached the code and / or an independent complaint is considered proved as below.

Independent Complaints Procedure

Agents agreeing to abide by the Every Model Code of Conduct, and who are subsequently entered onto our database and Industry Directory, are subject to the following complaints procedure:

1. The only person who is entitled to make an official complaint about the standard of work or business of a particular agent is a client, or someone acting in the best interests of a client.

2. All complaints must be made in writing to: The Managing Director at Every Model Magazine, Model Media Ltd, Registered Office or by email to info@emmagazine.co.uk.

3. The client will be sent an acknowledgement, and further information obtained if necessary. The agent will be sent a copy of the complaint and information, and asked to respond directly to ‘Every Model’.

4. Independent and impartial persons, who are not associated with ‘Every Model’, will be asked to examine the details of the original complaint together with the agent’s response, and will seek clarification where required.

5. The independent and impartial persons may: a) Find the complaint proved b) Find the complaint unproved

6. In the event that the complaint is found proved, the agent will be informed that they will: a) Have their name deleted from the Database and Industry Directory b) Not be entitled to use their accredited and associated status with Every Model. c Under no circumstances will an agent be able to use the accredited status branding such as logos in any material or on websites after the removal of accreditation.

7. In the event that the complaint is found proved, the agent will be informed of the length of time that the sanctions mentioned in paragraph 6 will apply, and any conditions required for their lifting.

8. The client, or person making the complaint, will be notified of the decision.

9. Appeal process. The client is entitled to appeal against the decision. This must be done in writing within 14 days of the decision being made.